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Sinopec yuan shale gas exploration of the exploration area won their first industrial airflow
September 16,, the south branch in unconventional exploration shale gas exploration and made important progress. Yuan dam 6 Wells xujiahe three sections of conventional test, the daily output of 20500 cubic meters of natural gas try. This is the first time in exploration of the yuan xujiahe mud shale gas for industrial air test.Yuan 6 well testing of the construction of the dam success, not only understand 6 yuan dam well xujiahe shale gas three sections of the fluid property and the capacity, has obtained the shale gas reservoir research needs to first-hand material, and shale gas for the test accumulated construction experience of the exploration area carries, expand the exploration sediment group and exploration areas.In order to speed up the pace of oil and gas exploration, unconventional exploration on the yuan by the south branch of the logging, logging data in integrated analysis, optimization of the yuan 6 Wells xujiahe ? three sections -澳门太阳集团5017
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