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OPEC says 2012 years from future demand uncertainty
Opec recently in 2011, said the price of crude oil has been fluctuations, and in 2012 a demand from the uncertain prospects.Opec of the director of research, said Hasan Qabazard has many uncertain factors will affect oil demand in 2012 expected, largely OECD member states on the pace of economic recovery, but also because oil policy and legislation related to produce more and more influence. Qabazard expect 2012 global oil demand growth, 1.3 million barrels, and in 2011, the demand for oil is expected to cut the 300000 barrels. With nuclear power production interruptions, Japan's oil consumption may increase.Qabazard says, is expected to non-opec oil daily output growth of 800000 barrels. To the end of 2012, Libya's oil production is expected to fully recover. But the ? -太阳集团00552138.com
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