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Encourage investment in China DuoZhong subject into shale gas fields
Oil and gas strategy center of land and resources, deputy director of the car long wave 25 said, China is shale gas, set out to determine the legal status of the independent minerals, and encourage the investment subject into shale gas DuoZhong exploration and development fields.The car long wave 25 in the 11 th the oil and gas industry BBS, have shale gas exploration qualification and has strong financial strength enterprise, can participate in bidding competition; And capital strength, no gas exploration qualification enterprise can and qualified unit joint venture, cooperation, to participate in bidding work together. Also, he pointed out, "has the attribute of oil and gas, can be in the block in shale gas blocks in the exploration and development, don't need another declaration license.The car long wave said that China will speed up shale gas resources management of legal system construction -太阳网城上娱乐官网-www.2138j.com
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